Cool Third-Party Apps that Use Dynamic Island on iPhone

Third-Party Apps that Use Dynamic Island on iPhone

Dynamic Island is a cool feature on the iPhone 15 and 14 Pro that replaces the old notch. It’s a small, pill-shaped area at the top of the screen with the camera and Face ID stuff inside. Some apps use dynamic islands to show you information and notifications.

In this post, I will show you some of the best apps that work with Dynamic Island. You’ll learn how to use these apps to boost your productivity.

How does Dynamic Island work?

Dynamic Island works by itself and is easy to use. It’s right at the top of your iPhone, next to the selfie camera and Face ID.

It lets you check on apps without fully opening them. You can see what music is on, scores from games, your timer’s countdown, and Apple Maps directions. You also get alerts for Apple Pay, AirDrop, and when you record your screen. And there are lots more fun features with other cool apps that use Dynamic Island, too.

Best Third-Party Apps that Use Dynamic Island

Here are some third-party apps that utilize the Dynamic Island feature on the iPhone.

Hit the Island

“Hit the Island” is a simple, free-to-play game specifically designed to interact with the Dynamic Island of iPhone 15 and 14 Pro models. Its gameplay is reminiscent of “ping-pong“, where players use paddles to hit balls at the Dynamic Island to score points.

Hit the Island in Dynamic Island

As the game progresses, it becomes more challenging with the ball speed increasing and additional balls to be managed.

Price: Free (In-App purchases start from $1.99)

Apollo for Reddit

The Reddit app “Apollo for Reddit” has introduced an engaging feature called “Pixel Pals” which uses Dynamic Island. This feature brings a tamagotchi-like experience to iPhone users, allowing a virtual pet to inhabit the Dynamic Island space.

The default pet is a cat, but you can switch it to a dog. If you want a fox, hedgehog, or an axolotl, you’ll need the app’s premium version.

Apollo for Reddit App in Dynamic Island

These pets do more than just sit on the island. They’ll move around, sit down, and even sleep, with little Zzz’s to show they’re snoozing. It’s a playful way to enjoy the island and the app at the same time.

Price: Free (In-App purchases start from $1.00)

Flighty – Live Flight Tracker

“Flighty” is an easy-to-use flight tracker that works with the new Dynamic Island. It starts showing your flight details 3 hours before takeoff, like flight status and gate changes, right on the Dynamic Island. It can even guess your flight’s progress without needing the internet.

Flighty App Notification in Dynamic Island

If you press and hold on the Dynamic Island, you can see more details. This saves time because you can see updates all the time without reopening the app.

Price: Free (Pro subscription start from $3.99)


The music app “Spotify” and others like Pandora and YouTube Music work with Dynamic Island. They show what song is playing so you can listen to music without switching screens.

Spotify App Notification in Dynamic Island

If you tap on the Dynamic Island, a small player appears at the top of your screen. You can see the song details and control the music – you can pause, skip, or play songs.

Price: Free (Premium is available)


Lastly, “Uber” has made changes to its app to show Live Activities on your iPhone’s Lock Screen and use Dynamic Island. Now you can see your ride’s status, like when it will arrive, the trip’s progress, and car info, right away. This makes it easier to watch your Uber without having to open the app.

Uber App Notification in Dynamic Island

Price: Free

Show off Your Dynamic Island…

In short, these apps make the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 15 & 14 Pro series fun and useful. You can play games, check your Uber, and more, all without stopping what you’re doing. The Dynamic Island is not just cool to look at; it really helps you use your phone better.

If you use an Android phone and want to use notifications in it then you download the Dynamic Island app.


How to disable Dynamic Island?

You can’t completely turn off Dynamic Island. To stop seeing its activities, just swipe left or right on it. The app will keep running, but it won’t be visible on the screen.

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